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Smith'll only be found in Spence or Hell's now

Go look somewhere else

Smith Ariseanu
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The name's Smith, or Master depending on who you are. It doesn't matter where I was before this, who I was or what I did, I didn't come here to make friends, to be popular or to mingle with all those below me. I came here for one reason only, to reclaim my property.

So, I came, I reclaimed, but then something changed. I've loved and lost and loved again. Why do I stay here now? I'm addicted.

Side Note: I don't ask. I tell.

[For those that are having problems distinguishing the difference between Smith and myself, I'll make it real easy. I am not Smith, he is made up, I'm not Marilyn Manson, this is all for Bent Reality, an RPG. See disclaimer on website.]